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of exosomes
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Exosomes/extracellular vesicles (EVs) are nano vesicles that are secreted from cells and act on other cells. They contain a variety of factors inside and on their surface, which can be quantified by using them as markers.
However, for many species, markers have not been identified, making the measurement of exosome EVs difficult.

GIFU EXOSOME Co. LTD. can measure exosomes and EVs even for species with unidentified markers.


GIF-2250, fluorescent compounds for exosome and EV staining.

In addition, GIF-2250 can stain late endosomes and lysosomes as a live imager.

For 100 assays 〜

Contract measurement of exosomes and EVs

(Rapid purification & Quantification)

Establish the methods for exosomes and EVs

(Optimization of the purification and storage)

From 1 case 〜

Others: electron microscopy, size measurement, labeling

Development of products containing exosomes and EVs
Identification of physiological effects of exosomes and EVs

Exosomes and EVs can actually be found in large quantities in commercially available foods.
Example) Fermented foods and vegetables

This is a joint research with Gifu University.

Business model

I want to develop my own new product related to extracellular vesicles (EV)

First, check the EV with GIFU EXOSOME.

I want to incorporate GIFU EXOSOME technology

We support everything from simple EV purification to large-scale purification, depending on the material.

Supports direct measurements from cultured cell culture media.

I want to try a product developed by GIFU EXOSOME

Mainly derived from fermented foods.



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